Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

“Apart from some solo gigs in this period, particularly in the States, I had again taken a couple of years off touring to write and the next move was to go to America to make this record. This was a whole new ball-game altogether. I had just signed with Mercury and they said “Paul, you need a producer” and I said OK.

I had produced or co-produced a lot of records myself and I was ready to have somebody else come in. Gary Katz had produced all the Steely Dan records which I thought and still think were some of the greatest records ever made and I was thrilled he wanted to produce me.

So I went to America completely excited. I flew out to L.A and we cut all the tracks (except ‘Nobody Knows’ which I had done at home) in the legendary A&M studios – we were all staying in this cool hotel. It was ‘martinis by the pool’ and we each had our own cars to drive to the same studio. Rock »n’ Roll. Daft. Delicious. Gary had put a band together which was made up of some of the best players in America. They had come out of blues, jazz and soul which was a huge part of my music too and far from being intimidated, I really felt that these guys would enjoy playing my songs.

I guess there has always been a side of me that felt that as soon as anybody really heard what I had to give, they would go “Nice” and they did . It was great. They really liked where I was coming from and I think they had fun. Particularly with Jeff Porcaro playing drums, one of the last projects he did before his tragic death……it was just phenomenal. Michael Landau played some gorgeous guitar. David Paitch’s throwaway piano flourish in the middle of ‘Blue World’ still gives me a thrill. Freddie Washington grooving down in the basement. There was no compromise on this record. It’s the way I wanted it to be.”