The Paul Brady Songbook DVD

In late 2001 RTE Television approached Paul with the idea of doing a series of six programmes based on his life and music.

With a career stretching back more than thirty years and a catalogue of songs that has touched the hearts and minds of several generations of Irish people at home and abroad, there was a lot of material to work with.

From the 60s, when he played in Soul and Blues bands, through his traditional Irish music period in the 70s, and on into the 80s and 90s as a singer-songwriter, Paul’s songs have unconsciously dealt with the complexity of the modern Irish identity, musically, politically, socially, romantically.

Dynamic in performance, solo or with others, and articulate in his reflections on his life and times, the idea was to capture, on film the full Paul Brady experience.

Filmed in Marlay House in Dublin’s Rathfarnham over two weeks in August 2002 under the direction of Julian Vignoles, Paul brought together a host of musicians and singers for what turned out to be a fun-filled journey through his songbook, past, present and future.

The series was first shown on RTE television October/ November 2002 All six half hour shows featuring thirty two songs with an extra five songs plus interview and archive footage go to make up this all-regions DVD. Also available in video (European PAL system only).