The Paul Brady Songbook

Songbook For those interested in sheet music of piano arrangements, guitar chords and lyrics for Paul’s most popular songs, these are available for download only at the moment. Featuring the following songs, these transcriptions are a must for those wishing to learn to play or sing Paul’s compositions. You can download it from here

* Arthur McBride

* Crazy Dreams

* Dancer In The Fire

* Deep In Your Heart

* Follow On

* Helpless Heart

* I Believe in Magic

* I Will Be There

* Just In Time

* Nobody Knows

* Not The Only One

* Nothing But The Same Old Story

* Oh What A World

* Paradise Is Here

* Steal Your Heart Away

* The Hawana Way

* The Homes of Donegal

* The Island

* The Lakes Of Pontchartrain

* The Long Goodbye

* The Road To The Promised Land

* The World Is What You Make it

* Trick or Treat

* Trust In You

* Walk The White Line

* You’re The One

For those looking for the songs Arthur McBride or The Lakes of Pontchartrain go to the tab pages