Live Shows

PB Live

Over the past thirty years Paul has made countless live appearances throughout the world, solo and with other musicians, many of which have been recorded. The recordings vary from professional radio and TV live recordings to ‘sound-desk’ gig recordings, which means a recording by the gig sound engineer directly from the sound desk to a DAT recorder the old days, cassette machine. A downside of ‘sound-desk recordings’ is that they only record the sound directly from the stage so that often the audience and ambient venue sound is missing. The instrument balance can sometimes be slightly unreal on tape as, to end up with a natural sound in a venue, naturally louder instruments like drums need less volume through the house sound system than quieter ones like the human voice and acoustic instruments. The human ear, however, quickly compensates for any discrepancies and many of these recordings have an exciting quality of their own, like the listener is right on stage with the artist. This section of the site is dedicated to progressively making available for download a selection of great live performances from all parts of Paul’s career.