Echoes & Extracts VHS

echoes and extracts

In the early 90’s this long form (70 mins.) video was put together featuring live footage of Paul both solo and with his Irish band. The solo footage was shot on location in Cork’s docklands and the band was shot later that evening at a concert in Cork City Hall. The video is interspersed with interview footage which gives a good insight into Paul’s attitude towards song-writing and the general contemporary scene in Ireland at the time, both politically and musically. Echoes And Extracts was first broadcast on UK’s Channel 4 and several times since on Ireland’s RTE television.

Songs featured are:-
Crazy Dreams
Blue World
The Lakes of Pontchartrain
Follow On
Nothing But The Same Old story ( both solo and with band)
Steel Claw
The Island
You and I
Nobody Knows
Hard Station
Dreams will Come
Can’t Stop Wanting You
The Homes of Donegal

The video is only available in PAL format for the time being.Unfortunately this means that this video is not playable in the USA or any other countries that are not PAL compatible