Singles, Extended single remixes, Demos and B-sides


Most Paul Brady songs on CD began life as a demo in his home studio. Many of these original demos are still in existence. Quality varies from elaborate multi-tracked almost complete arrangements when Paul was initially learning how to do it and master the technicalities of the recording and arranging process, to later simpler and more immediate performances designed to give an idea of the song to musicians who would later be playing on the final recording. We are now making a selection of these demos available for download as they give a fascinating insight into the way Paul puts his music together.

Sound quality inevitably varies considerably between samples depending on the original recording date. Earlier demos stored on reel to reel tape have suffered more from the passage of time than later ones recorded on DAT tape. Some of these early ones are offered as ‘listen only’ as are some others for copyright reasons. The majority, however are available as downloads.

Many recordings also ended up as B-sides, extra tracks on CD singles, promotional CDs or finished tracks that never appeared anywhere. The Paul Brady catalogue is not complete without them.