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ILHYT final Tunecore
 On March 25th 2016 I’m releasing three songs…’SAY YOU DON’T MEAN’, ‘I LIKE HOW YOU THINK’ and ‘HIM’… written with New York based Paul Muldoon, Irish Pulitzer Prize winning poet. Completely different to anything I have done to date, I’m excited by this new direction and look forward to writing more with Paul. Available on the PeeBee Store. 


  1. Paul Conn says

    Hello Paul Brady Store – yesterday (31 March) I purchased your three new songs and seven other demos by paying through paypal. I received the confirmation receipt (no. 5328-4362-1137-5084) from paypal that payment had been received as required. This came in an email within 10 minutes of the transaction. What did not appear was a link or directions as to how to download the purchased songs. I thought this would appear on the website but coul;d not find it, and I have not received an email with a link to enable download in the last 24 hours. Can you please assist and let me know how to do this. I am using this contact method as it seems to be the only way to reach you. Thank you.

  2. Ann Gillard says

    Hi Paul…I had the same experience as Paul above…..bought all three and haven’t seen a link that would enable me to play them. Loved listening to you and Paul Muldoon this morning….saw him at Cuirt in Galway last year at the launch of his last poetry collection…a perfect creative marriage of you two…..kind regards…Ann Gillard.

  3. Steve says

    Hi Anne,

    Let me look into this, could you check your Spam folder to see if it is there

  4. Joe says

    Hi Paul
    I met you once. Murphy’s caravan park. Your dad, who I have fond memories of, introduced us. You were washing your head under the campsite tap! It amazes me how much I remember your parents, I was just a school boy working in Bundoran. I love your music. Thank you for it all.

  5. says

    Hi Joe
    Thanks for the message and sorry this took a while. I remember Murphy’s and washing my hair under the tap! thank you for your kind words about my music.
    Best wishes, Paul

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