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Charlotte A. SinclaireCharlotte A. Sinclaire from Durham, North Carolina, USA wrote on July 7, 2015 on 12:18 am:
So disappointed last year when you had to cancel your tour due to your surgery -- I couldn't believe you were coming to the Arts Center in Carrboro, NC! I bought tiks and was taking friends. I do hope you will reschedule that concert -- I saw you at the Guinness Fleadh years ago (I think 1998) in California, chatted with you for a bit about a song of yours I sang on the radio in Derry when visiting in Ireland in '97 (realized later that might have been a no-no to have done; sorry!), and have watched your schedule ever since I moved back to the East Coast, hoping you'd come my way again (I was a long-time fan way before the fleadh). Think about rescheduling Carrboro, please. It's a great venue, very personal. In any case, glad to see some new tour dates on your calendar -- assume that means your hands are back in business! Good for you. :)
waldowaldo from blackpool wrote on June 15, 2015 on 1:10 pm:
This guy is just about the Best wish he,d play Blackpool ,Bob Dylan has and Paul falls into his bracket
GuidoGuido from Amsterdam wrote on June 15, 2015 on 8:00 am:
I discovered your music when finding a promotional cd over 10 years ago. And it has been a journey collecting your albums since they are hard to get in the Low Lands where techno and rave rape the charts. Pure heart and soul is your music, I hope to ever be able to see you play live. Keep playing, I think I will come and see you in 2016 in the UK.
Jim MelvinJim Melvin from York wrote on June 13, 2015 on 5:19 pm:
Have been listening to Vicar Street Sessions a lot and now gone back to the Sing Book album - Helpless Heart reminded me of seeing you at a gig in Kendal, Cumbria at the Brewery Arts Centre with my (then) sweetheart!
Pamela WarrenPamela Warren from Sudbury, Massachusetts USA wrote on May 19, 2015 on 7:01 pm:
I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but I recently discovered Planxty which is a fabulous group. I've enjoyed your songs for a while, "Crazy Drams" is one of my favorites, and your recording with Andy Irvine. Hope you have a happy birthday.
Mike HopeMike Hope from Manchester wrote on May 19, 2015 on 12:06 am:
Happy Birthday Paul ... have a great day ... it's 10 years ago today since we met backstage in Liverpool ... you signed 18 cd's etc etc ... enjoy your special day ... Mike (DW drums)
Barabara DempseyBarabara Dempsey from Dubliln wrote on May 18, 2015 on 12:03 pm:
Great show Paul. Your are like a good wine - gets better with age!!!
Deirdre EnglandDeirdre England from Dublin wrote on May 18, 2015 on 12:08 am:
Just back from a superb concert from you in Vicar St . It brings us back over four decades to all the wonderful concerts you have given us. Where do the years go ?? My husband and I both saw you first before we met when you joined Planxty. Keep doing what you do!!! Kindest regards Deirdre
Siobhan BastableSiobhan Bastable from Dublin wrote on May 16, 2015 on 7:28 am:
Brilliant concert in vicar Street last night 15/5/15. Very emotional.
David MaddenDavid Madden from Timoleague West Cork wrote on April 27, 2015 on 9:12 pm:
Iwas at your concert at the Cork opera Hse last Saturday nite.It ws amazing .Well done Paul .
GERDGERD from Cologne wrote on April 25, 2015 on 11:48 am:
Hi Paul, there are two great Rockpalast TV concerts hidden at the Roclpalast archives. Why are they not released as a concert dvd as som many rockpalast concerts from the 70ties and 80ties nowadays by Repertoire Rec.. Lots of your fans would be lucky with two live concerts with full band on dvd. Kind regards Gerd
EugeneEugene from Kingscourt wrote on April 25, 2015 on 11:13 am:
Thanks for the fantastic gig in The Venue Ratoath last night.
GERDGERD from COLOGNE (nearby) wrote on April 22, 2015 on 12:38 pm:
Hi Paul, it would be great if the download site would mention the setlist of the shows that are offered for download and mention if the show was with band or solo. This would be a great help for those fans and interested from abroad, who couldn`t catch one of your concerts. Kind regards from Germany Gerd
Joe ShalmoniJoe Shalmoni from Los Angeles wrote on April 21, 2015 on 6:30 pm:
Hi Paul! Enjoy your wonderful talent so much! Hope to see you perform in Los Angeles someday soon. I think the Greek Theater, would be the perfect venue. Thank you for teaching all of us listeners so much about traditional Irish music. Live Long and Prosper! Joe Shalmoni
ShirleyShirley from Limerick wrote on April 13, 2015 on 12:48 pm:
Hi Paul, saw you at the Lime tree theatre, You and your band where fantastic...Your still able to hop on one leg!!!
Robert LongRobert Long from Austin wrote on April 12, 2015 on 5:06 am:
Greetings Paul! "The World Is What You Make It" is one of my favorite tunes-when, if ever, will you make it to Austin Tx to perform?
Eamon WalshEamon Walsh from Headford, Co. Galway wrote on April 5, 2015 on 8:51 am:
Music can really move the soul - saw you on the Late Late April 3rd. A true gent and OMG "Steel Claw" - what a song and you nailed it! Got the last two tickets for next Friday night in Limerick. Can't wait. Legend - Thanks for doing what you do! Eamon.
Michael FinnMichael Finn from Dublin wrote on April 4, 2015 on 12:00 pm:
Hi Paul, congratulations on last nights appearance on the Late Late. Like good wine, you improve with age.
Francis DonohueFrancis Donohue from Dublin wrote on April 3, 2015 on 10:36 pm:
Paul, I'm watching you on The Late Late. I've been a big fan for years. Best wishes, Francis
GerardGerard from Quebec wrote on March 21, 2015 on 3:32 pm:
Congratulations, I'm a fan for years and I greatly appreciate your songs. I sing some of them with friends 'cause they link so much to our beliefs. Thank you