Back In Japan

I’m back in Japan, just around the same time as last year. The weather is completely different this time. 21℃ mid afternoon. T-shirt weather, as we say at home. I’ve one gig behind me and again I’m left wondering what these lovely people see/ hear in me. Because listen they do. Scarily so.

Mind you, you learn a lot about yourself and your art in this country. Freed of, deserted by all the musical and lyrical frames of reference that cloud the issue in the English speaking countries, Ireland in particular, you’re left with nothing but the sound you make and the way you look. There is no shared cultural memory which has made so many of my songs resonate with the Irish diaspora and those other cultures it has intermingled with. No musical commonality that I can see beyond, I suppose, a shared love of the best in American music of the past century which has also left its mark on me. A response therefore is visceral, fundamentally human, instinctive. When it comes.. and come it does in spades, I come face to face with myself in a way I never do elsewhere. I end up feeling more human, a basic individual giving voice to a spirit as old as time. But in truth I’m as far from fully understanding what it is as ever…and end up forced to accept that whatever the signal is, it’s bigger and more complex, yet primitive and universal than my take on it.


  1. Yukio Okano says

    I’ve heard of Pau’sl LIVE on last Sunday. It was so great.
    I am a man who said I’ll see you next year to Paul.

  2. John says

    Saw you last year. Fantastic gig. Had never been in the right place and time to catch you before.
    When are you coming back. I’ll be waiting!

  3. Howard Osborne says

    Japan only!?
    You probably flew right over us.
    We would welcome another visit to Western Australia, if that is on the cards.

  4. kathleen ann dunn gallagher zins says

    i just recently became acquainted with Paul and immediately he hit a chord within my heart. I have found this happening with so many irish people, both here in the states and in Ireland that i have to believe there is something profound going on…….i feel very deeply when i here irish music, even some i never heard before and didnt even know it was irish. Paul really resonates throughout my entire being……and I cannot explain it. thats ok…….i just love it

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